Garden bumblebee house, waterproof


The bumblebee house is designed especially for medium and smaller bumblebee species. Hang the bumblebee house on a stake approx. 25 - 35 cm above the bed surface.

Dimensions of the bumblebee house: 210 x 210 x 180 mm

(nest area over 200 cm2).

The bumblebee house is waterproof! A plastic cover is used to protect the nest. Bumblebees will find raw cotton inside the nest.
The bumblebee house is hidden in a wooden box with a canopy, all made of durable larch. The front part of the bumblebee house is covered by a thicker larch board with a trip hole (16 mm diameter) with attached comb.
  • WaterproofProtected against overheating (with insulation)
  • For medium and smaller bumblebee species
  • Protected ventilation with flap
  • Protection against ants - tape the post with adhesive tape

I tried to make a durable bumblebee house, but at the same time cheap. Therefore, please note the small cracks in the wood. The column is not included. (DeepL Translate)

1,250.00 Kč