Bumblebee house - 240 cm2

The bumblebee house is designed to be placed or hung in a flower bed / post.
External dimensions: 210 x 190 / 230 cm with preset roof.
The bumblebee house is without internal waterproof protection - it has no internal plastic cover interior space of about 240cm2.

The house is designed for small and medium bumblebee species. The bumblebee hive is designed to be hung either on posts next to flower beds, on tree trunks or on the house wall.

  • Raw cotton - inner lining
  • L-shaped drilled corridor in wood
  • small leaflet / garlic
  • dosing pipette with internal feeder

The bumblebee is flame fired and then painted with a mixture of beeswax and fermage. (DeepL Translate)

1,100.00 Kč