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Handicraft products
from Beskydy / Czech Republic

All products come from my workshop. I am inspired by nature and my honey bees. I try to design practical, useful patterns as well as beautifying elements or decorations. It is always a pleasure when a house or a box is soon established and at the same time it is a beautiful part of the garden. Write, call or I will advise you on your choice.

In my shop "INSECT HOTELS" / you will find decorative and natural insect houses, hotels for solitary bees, beetle boxes to attract predatory insects and butterfly boxes for moths and butterflies. Bumblebee keepers will find a selection of bumblebee hives, so-called bumblebee boxes, including accessories for bumblebees. In addition, the HONEYMOON HOTELS shop has been expanded to include a section with bird houses, feeders and waterers for our songbirds. * I use the DeepL Translate.

MOTO: Once you fall in love with woodworking, you can't get away from it.

Greetings from the Czech Republic from musician and wood lover

Ctimír Štrunc